EDUCATIONFair Aunt Educational InstitutionsCould trust , but not to prevent the child's individuality and independence" INTEREST AND PROTECTION "To gain a sense of responsibility , but enough to destroy a healthy sense of self" DISCIPLINE AND TRAINING "To taste the pride of being successful , but enough to make the drudgery of life"BUSINESS"Happy to demonstrate their ability to teach , but to put the child up to become egocentric"PRIDE"Will make life a fun but tasteful enough to put into a purpose" LAUGHTER AND GAMES "based on the principles of our children in a loving environment , intellectual, social -emotional , and physical development by providing healthy , existing skills and special abilities at the highest level , we aim to reveal .Our institutions Mediterranean University Department of Pre-School Teacher Assistant Professor teaching staff . Begümhan Yuksel consulting, annual and daily plans of our children age, interests , abilities, and their level of development is being prepared.Fair Aunt Educational Institutions constantly develops self- defeat , has a selective education system . Child -centered programs prepared , America and Europe 's elite kindergarten and preschool institutions being implemented in ' multiple intelligence theory ', ' high -scope ', ' montessori ', ' project approach ', ' scamper ', ' gems ' with the Turkish Education System in place the field of synthesis of the Ministry of Education Preschool Education Program consists of . In addition, our children love, respect, responsibility , happiness, cooperation , patience, our social values ​​that could be provided as a 'living values ​​' activities also constitute an important part of our program .Our programs by child , living, while supporting discovery learning , developing their creativity , their ability to provide learning in line with the aims .Aunt fair to our children in Kindergarten to express themselves , understand others , to their own needs first as independent expenditures to acquire basic experience is provided a rich learning environment . Child-centered , research -oriented in our system , a pleasant climate in schools , our children gain the ability to think independently and to explore new opportunities for how the information is presented can learn .Our children in active learning environment , using the rich variety of materials , teachers and friends while on the relationship between several basic concepts of group work Resolving to enjoy the learning opportunities they find . Games for pre-school children are the most basic and natural learning tool . Because the game , the child had heard , they saw the test and try , an experiment that is the area reinforce what they have learned . With this awareness, the foundation of our training program 'The Game' poses .Training programs specifically for each age group , as determined in our school , our children's education levels and to give appropriate attention is given to individual specifications . Applied one day a week " integrated education" our children in their younger and older age fused with friends , are expected to gain new skills . During training , each child's intellectual , social -emotional, physical and language development , which determines the development of the evaluation reports are submitted on a monthly basis to our parents .In our school , family education and family participation is very important given every month, our parents about certain issues informative article , monthly training program , our families with children effectively and efficiently spend time to enable small tips containing ' Love Menu ' and monthly meal containing a list newsletter for parents are sent .Each semester we organize parent meetings at least twice in our parents , our school , our understanding of education and children are given information on issues they were curious about . Also Empathy Family Counseling Center a Child Psychologist in a particular subject (eg, behavior management , sibling rivalry , eating disorders , etc.). Gives seminars for parents .DAILY TRAINING PROGRAMMEOur Kindergarten 7:00 to 19:00 hours on weekdays , between the hours of 08:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays serves . Our children in their classes during the day , games room , drama room, cinema room and in the garden amused learn. In our school, every day routine activities and the contents of these events are as follows ;Leisure time activitiesChildren's imagination and creativity of these activities contribute to the development of . The protection of their environment , aware of the changes around , collaboration, problem solving and sharing provides skills development .NATIVE EVENTSLanguage activities children learn the correct use of the native language , thinking and problem-solving skills are developer events . These activities kids thinking, relationship between words , to express their thoughts appropriately , learning skills and social roles saves . Reading stories , rhymes , finger play , poetry and riddles activities.Within language activities , research skills of our children , their sense of self-confidence and self-expression to improve the skills of children in kindergarten are applying with the SHOW - TELL EVENT . In these activities, our children from homes they want a material bringing the shape, color, structure, who owns the home of where , with whom I get as providing information brought objects to your friends introduces and friends are asking questions answers.GAME EVENTSThese activities children's physical , social-emotional development support , their fun to spend time , to act according to the rules provides the winning habit . Children playing games , win , lose , tie , to act jointly , sharing, live emotions such as strategy development .ART EVENTSNot only visual arts education in the field of education , is a process that covers all narrative way . The child's age and level of development in art education by working in accordance with the child's creativity and imagination as well as dexterity are also supported .SCIENCE AND NATURE- MATHEMATICS ACTIVITIESScience - nature activities kids , doing experiments , and the world they live up detailed information about the environment . These events and children's creativity , problem solving , research , discovery, inquiry, take responsibility , develop skills such as cooperation . Our children develop mathematical skills and kindergarten children with the aim of making math fun ACTIVITIES HAVE BEEN COUNTING TIME . This event brought our children in class or at home, which has been found in the different objects grouping, sorting , counting work do .PRIMARY SCHOOL PREP WORKPreparation activities for primary school children, rather than teaching reading, writing , comprehension can easily learn to read and write , grip and hand skills development, which aims to create enthusiasm for learning activities. These activities for children aged 6 is prepared and implemented .We have been implementing our school to elementary school children as the basis for our preparatory work is aimed to make progress in the following areas .Provide hand-eye coordination .To improve the ability to hold a pencilImprove attention span, concentration and attentionThe development of left-right alignment of the eye .Head-end , top-bottom , as well as the first - second guiding the teaching of the word .To distinguish similarities and differences between the shapes .Listening and understanding what is being saidSupport the development of verbal expression and learning new words .STUDY TOURSStudy tours on certain days and weeks , taking into account the age of the children - making , for actively learning zoo, museum, library , fire station, bakery, theater , cinema, etc. is organized trips to places . In this trip , the children research, observation, providing opportunities for discussion , attention is drawn to the events around them .SUBJECT COURSESMUSICEducation for children in the first period at promoting universal standards of polyphonic music , beautiful and high quality music listening habits is very important to gain . No matter what level of musical talent , music is every child's life and should be. When called in preschool music education , many teachers and parents come to mind are just singing and rondo . However, many other activities in the preschool period should include music events . Recognize different sounds in nature , discrimination , voice production work correctly, breathing , singing, creative movement and dance, musical stories, and rhythm work to be done with preschool children are examples of musical events . In our school, " Basic Teachings of Orff Music " through training , development of children's sense of rhythm by using different instruments is provided. Our aim music events individually or in the aggregate form our children to sing , dance , music listening public by providing them a love of music , likes to win.PIANOTo play the piano , two distinct lobes of the brain is running at the same time , the intelligence and dexterity and positively affect language development . Because of this impediment stuttering and help to resolve the problem is .To play the piano combine with diaphragm and vocal training for children to develop self-confidence of the formation , which won the right posture and scientific aspects of social relations has been proved to be more successful .Our piano lessons to children aged 5-6 are optional .ENGLISHDone a lot of research 0-6 years period learning a foreign language is quite important and critical period and that this period effective evaluation demonstrated the need koymaktadır.ayrı , researches at an early age learned the foreign language of the child , mathematics, native language and social studies in the areas of revealed that ensure success . Therefore, English education is an important part of our program . Native speakers of English 2 teacher , one English drama teacher and one bilingual (bilingual education) teacher in our school, our children full-time education in English , giving our children the language susceptibility by increasing primary for the period creating a solid foundation are intended to . English education in our school ' Holistic Approach to Language ' based methods and techniques are used . A Holistic Approach to Language English , kindergarten coordination with the basic program , providing a unique learning and development characteristics of children , considering the age groups of children are provided with appropriate games and activities . Especially with the game foreign language teaching , language development, forming the basis of listening, imitating , concept formation to the development of such skills is helping.Why babies and children should learn English ?Studies of the human brain completes its development up to age 6 have revealed that significant . Learning a second language at a very young age, region, and emotional intelligence in the child's brain develops path . If an accurate method available to foreign language learning at an early age how if initiated , learning becomes so easy and natural . If you start too late , speaking like a native speaker of one grammar rule and the harder it is to have accents . Learning English at an early age , children in school would help to be successful in their English classes to learn the language of the child will also allow you to get pleasure from the well .Yet a second language to children who do not speak their language, the teacher is there a sense ?Yes , very much so . Children who two languages ​​, it is grow up understanding of both languages ​​. A baby's three, four languages ​​and with all the understanding of growth is not something that has never been seen . Research hear the language that the child has shown that one can distinguish one . Learn different languages ​​at an early age , the child's intelligence capacity improves . In addition, child development experts to learn different languages ​​in the development of the child's mathematical and scientific ability has proved to be of great help . Kindergarten during the course of foreign language education and be successful in their children's school life is seen .CREATIVE DRAMAChildren's emotions by playing different roles in the drama , is a technique in which the development of thought and imagination . In the drama , making children , living, exploring and having fun to learn. In the drama, true-false, successful and unsuccessful , lack of jurisdiction , such as skilled - unskilled child more comfortable to express himself freely in the face of problems and enables solutions .They give our children the creative drama activities can be grouped under the following headings .Drama, children's world is an effective tool for better understanding :Contributes to socialize .Allows the child to express himself .Develop a sense of democracy and equality .Creative thinking and creative expression affects .Children , coping with conflicts in a positive way allows .The largest contribution to children 's drama , just as in children's games , languages ​​between fiction and reality is setting up and development .In the drama, children , play is aware and it will be greatly pleased . This also close to the feeling of pleasure is aesthetic pleasure .At preschool , the most important function of drama in primary schools , is a feeling of fun and happiness .Drama kids will cheer , creates a sense of hope and optimism , should be created .MENTAL ARITHMETICMental arithmetic , calculator , paper , pencil, etc. without using any tools , only with the power of the human mind refers to the ability to do arithmetic . Mental Arithmetic Training, designed for children between 4-12 years of intelligence development program. Learning to operate the digital process before the program started with the abacus , abacus after a period of time with the removal process , and students very quickly learn to make completely from the mind . Mental arithmetic gives children the skills of the work are listed as follows ;More advanced right and left brainFast and accurate calculationQuick detection and quick couplingIntense focus and attentionAdvanced analytical thinkingcreativityMore powerful memoryQuick reflexesAdvanced self-confidenceRHYTHMIC DANCE - folklo isRhythmic dance classes , small and large muscles supporting the development of children as well as children's aesthetic sense of intuition and rhythmic skills are also supported . The purpose of folklore courses , children with bodily movements to gain a sense of rhythm and music , and a part of our own culture , love to teach .BALLETBale of children's body is critical to allow flexibility and coordination . It also allows the integration of the arms and legs , improves their self-esteem . Ballet training given by experienced teachers , the development of a superior taste in art outside a major contribution to a child's social and physical development is situated in . The aim of our school, our children's ballet program ,Contribute to physical and mental development ,Artistic ability to give direction to ,The art of ballet as well as other arts and make you love the recognition , enable them to be good art ,Music to the ears , can be summarized as to strengthen the sense of rhythm and dance .Our ballet classes are given to children aged optionally 4-5-6 .CHESSChess in pre-school education has many benefits . Chess ,Enhance the Power of the Mind and Dreaming : Children in the practice of thinking is an effective throughout the game . Moves thinker, game fiction , how to calculate the answer and that will always live during the game live process .Improves attention : the game is facing and will remain in that position , because you do not want to face the consequences and move on to concentrate on the game state.Improves Prediction : Future -oriented, with the consequences of actions has to account " if you play this move , the new state benefit and harm will happen to me ?" he asks the question .Thinking is a comprehensive doctrine , the present invention improves the ability : each new moves in chess , but also means thousands of new choices and possibilities . Children of all chess board or reviewing field of action , any decision will have to account for different outcomes and options through its many moves are required to locate and select the most appropriate one .Be patient , the doctrine of proportionality and composure : Children movements or what the consequences of making moves that a cursory understanding. Therefore not give a hasty decision , after analyzing the situation thinking , many times after making sure that you have reviewed and thoroughly will take action .Saves Self-Confidence : Thinking , evaluating , courage , deciding for the child gain self-confidence , and the results are applied . In cases where things go bad is to learn to not be disappointed . Expect it would be a beneficial change and acquire the habit of searching for a new resort .Introduces with New Words and Concepts : The Stone learns to recognize and how they acted . When applied " straight , diagonal, back , forward, back , side, L form , frame , matte, move , move ... " learn as many new words and concepts .Teaches the rules and be respectful of opponents : the game of chess as a child , but the rules / guidelines may continue to comply with the condition . Adherence to these guidelines will wait at the opponent .Data will delight and entertain : Perhaps most importantly, the children live and enjoy the pleasures of the senses that the process of game cache.SWIMMINGSwimming lessons for children by supporting the large muscle motor skills , their bodily coordination are improved. Our swimming lessons between June and September, optionally at Dedeman Hotel is provided by our swimming coach . In addition, our children, our swimming pool located in the garden of the center slot in the summer, spending time swimming are enjoyable .TENNISThe healthy physical activity that can be done every period of life is one of the tennis . Especially children's physical , mental , and emotional development is an important sport for . Every period of life is a sport that can be done at all ages . Children 5 years old must begin to tennis . To become an elite tennis athletes of this age is an age appropriate . In this respect the experiences of sports psychologists brought in court and gained the psychological advantage of the success of the overall functioning of life are also of the opinion that the positive effects . Every child with toilet training can take this training . Our tennis lessons in the June and September are optional .Sectors of our courses are taught by expert instructors in each field . Ballet , piano, mental arithmetic and tennis training courses provided outside of any branch of the additional fee is required . Ballet , piano, mental arithmetic and tennis training , you are given to the children of our parents .ONE TODAY07:00 Aunt Fair opens doors . We 'll run a fair smiling Aunt ...8:45 Heated our brothers complete their service .9:00 we have breakfast together .09:30 the day before our class will remember what we have done , what you learn today will decide . Native, art, reading - writing preparation , game, science - like nature of our activities we do at this time .11:00 This watch comes branches of our teachers and we are doing different activities every day .11:45 We're prepared to eat . We wash our hands .12:00 Chefs cook for us that our aunt delicious meals we eat together appetite .12:45 Dinner with our appetite to wash our hands after eating , we brush our teeth . Cleanliness is very important for us .13:00 in the 5-6 age group except our friend , is our time to rest and sleep . Remove to sleep times , our teacher read us as we sleep while listening to the story . 5-6 years our friends in this hour of reading and writing magazine studies and preparatory work they do.15:00 Wake up , we are in our class , change our pajamas , we're ready to have breakfast .15:30 Afternoon us to make our breakfast we go to the cafeteria . He's a great cookies , pies we eat it with pleasure .16:00 Group games we play . We finished our morning half the remaining activities .16:30 we carefully prepared for our friends in our class married couple , repair, blocks , lego play in the corners are free .17:00 Our friends went to the service starts to prepare for the service .17:30 Heated serviced our friends who are our brothers take home .18:00 to 19:00 at this hour of our mothers and fathers waiting for you to come get us , we are in a theater room traces the development of appropriate educational CDs , games room games we play with our friends .Our Aunt Slot 19:00 Fair closes its doors to be ready for the next day .NOTE: Our slot is open on Saturdays ! !

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