NEW PRIMARY IMPORTANCE OF PROGRAM AND STUDY2006-2007 Academic Year implemented in all schools in the " New Primary School Curriculum " available with the objectives of National Education has changed completely . Centered learning rather than teaching creative , attacking, solves problems, who knows the difference and revealing them , encourage cooperation rather than competition aims to educate individuals who are in a democratic educational environment .Good people , good people , good citizens, individuals capable of competing with the world , can not grow old curriculum . Old curriculum , " Ask - thinking, blindly obeyed " would grow in the understanding of individuals . Teachers with fear otoriterdi.öğrenci handling incidents in the yes-no certainty encourages young people's democratic participation to achieve something , solve a problem , köreltiliy feelings were not shoulder to shoulder . Our young people are locked target , bencilleşip robotlaşıy human being was lost properties . 100 100 units in question is "yes ," he 's young people were successful . This understanding , Mr. Prime Minister " freak " he said. This " monster" had anywhere in the world without us . Removed from classrooms in 2013, the agenda of Turkey identical with the modern world that thinks , understands what he reads , understands the words and writings express the upbringing of the youth were targeted in the new curriculum . Therefore, the pre- professional study centers were opened. These centers " learning centers " in the name is available in the contemporary world and in the United StatesIn the new system, teachers do not know everything , " education is the leader ", with the student learns thereof.Student information CD is not loaded , using information is human existence .When implemented , the new curriculum objectives identified students do in school at this point the exact detection gerekiyor.ta "Survey " revealed the importance of the centers involved .STUDY OBJECTIVESTeachers under the supervision of primary and secondary school students attending their courses to work , do their homework , student interest and by their ability to participate in various events is to ensure that (MEB type regulation) . New system, children in school courses taken and social achievement scores with the average Anatolian Vocational High Schools yönlendiriliyor.o for the child's course good learning gerekiyor.gel 'd will give to raise our children in preschool education given service has become the trademark "Fair Aunt private Education Institutions " new "Study " Central with the 02.09.2008 day the Ministry of Education , depending on the activity başlamıştır.merkezi studying in 6-14 years group of our students while embracing lovingly ;OUR PURPOSE ;1st year students under the supervision of the teacher to complete the missing information , self- study and homework habits to gain happy , they have to learn in school by providing a complete understanding of the issues to focus on the success of them .      2.Branş accompanied by teachers to support education and training , and in-depth learning ezbersiz ensure the mastery of the subject .        3.Yaratıcılık and reveal their self-confidence .      4.Quick and accurate thinking , the ability to make the right decisions to win.           5.Computer our laboratory , computer game feature that can be achieved by the help of computer knowledge to make you feel a world apart .         6.Oku my research habits, reading comprehension , word that you understand and develop the ability to express in writing .         7.Öğrenci gravel to the order being rescued them in the game environment to provide home environment temperature , yoga, music therapy lessons with activities such as relaxing and calming provide motivation .          From 8.Be to support their development to make them happy with various games , as well as weekend and holiday trips in the semester program provides recognition of the environment with the motherland , develop their sense of the world and human love .     9.Eşya right to use and cleaning habits and ingesting in the right spirit of the code of conduct to ensure that contemporary man .      By 10.Kısa " according to the New National Education curriculum to cultivate the type of people " to contribute .  CLASSROOM TEACHERSAbout 15 people, 9 dersliği average method courses under the supervision of classroom teachers and to acquire the habit of doing homework , missing information , complete understanding of the subject matter of the day to tell those that do not , the next day to prepare the students to the subject .TEACHERS TRAINING PROGRAMMES under the supervision of5-6-7-8 . Classes take courses in individual branches of our rooms are identical .Mathematics: Mathematics classTurkish : Turkish classSocial Studies : Social Studies classScience : Science in the classroom English : Foreign Language , by specialist teachersEnglish with GamesEnglish and DramaTurkey is given by the teacher with english grammar .CREATIVE ACTIVITIESDrama: Drama in the roomChess: Chess particular in the field of 16m2 likeMusic : You are given piano lessons to students .Art Event : Art are provided in the room .Computer : The computer lab is provided by our expert teachers .There are enough computers for each student .Mental Arithmetic : Students are to improve our ability to think fast .FOODOur menu prepared in our own kitchen in the morning , afternoon tea and lunch to our children to offer them by the arms from harmful foods fast food type to grow up as healthy individuals sağlamak.aylık our menu is prepared by dieticians .SERVICEService teachers under the supervision of the time our students from their homes or schools receive , dining and study after our children to school or to their homes safely ulaştırmak.servis service 2012 model , volkswagen brand air conditioning service vehicles and professional chauffeurs by the verilmektedir.öğl dishes for service is given.

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