KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM ( 0-36 month olds )This program is 0-36 months old children healthy through rich learning experiencesgrowth , motor, social - emotional, language and cognitive development in the fields of development the topreach the level of their self-care skills have been developed with the aim to gain .Program , as well as supporting children's development in all areas of developmentpromoter and can be seen is intended to prevent regurgitation inhibitors having dimensions veryIt is intended to be a versatile program .The program , based on the development of children of all development areas " developmental"program. Program approach as "spiral" feature that shows this program as a model" Eclectic " is.Key Features:Developmental is :0-3 years of child care and basic requirements are different from each other . 0-3 years old childrenThe program carried out for the recovery and indicators quarterly for the first year time period ,between one to two years to six-month period , a two - to three -year time period between ageswas prepared by dividing . Education on the basis of movement and sensation , motor, social - emotional, language andcommunication, cognitive and self-care skills will be developed .Child Centred are :Learning to take place in pre-school education and the healthy development of childrencan be supported , but it is possible to feel safe with . childrenBeing a part of their environment , learn new things , be active , to participate in activities ,to express their thoughts and decisions without fear and want to make choices freely . Fair Aunt educational institutions both safe and developmentally appropriate and individualhas been prepared taking into account the differences . Children 's learning , positive self-perception of development , school , learning, and research in order to have positive attitudes about ;teachers in educational environments where children play activities and materials will be madefreedom to choose to recognize the child as a member of the environment who valueallows you to feel .Teachers in the learning process of children to plan something activeSave , organize , research , inquiry , discussion and to produceThey allow as many as possible .Are flexible and are sensitive to environmental factors :Program of the child , according to the characteristics of the physical environment and the changing family to be heldand are suitable to be individualized . Namely, the teacher may arise, daily and instantaccording to changes in the educational process is to give the opportunity to make the necessary arrangements .Is holistic :Program , although not the subject or theme -based education planning varioussubjects utilized. Different indicators for different aspects of the same issues addressed againmay be taken. Here the main aim is not the teaching of the topics discussed that topic with the help of indicatorsand processes is carried out . Therefore, everything involved in daily life may be subject .Based Game is :Children learn through play , with the game itself and the world in which we live in the diagnosis andbest expresses himself during the game , critical thinking skills in the game wins. otherThat game is the work of children . Based on this fact , when discussing the program indicatorsThe method of the game and / or activity is highly recommended to use as . Through playlearn of this program and is seen as an integral part of pre-school education .Priority Learning is exploring :The program supports the creation of the child 's own learning itself . children thisthrough the program , which would realize around , ask questions on matters that curious ,do your research and discover . Configures itself so that information . For this, mediumEdited for discovery learning .Learning Centers are Important :Children move freely in an environment where the availability of freely experience betterdevelop their skills, may exhibit more beautiful . Therefore, the program of teacher educationenvironment as a whole as internal and external spaces are discussed . Class will be able to move freely in the children's trust problem , allowing different activities , out of danger , according to their needs , offering amenities , aesthetics, welcoming and helpful environment are provided. The learning environment of children age, developmentalcharacteristics of interest and arranged taking into account requirements of children to discover newsupports the acquisition of skills and learning .Large Group , Small Group and Individual Activities are included in a balanced manner to· Large group activities can be done, all the children in the class an area that will give you the opportunity to work together ;· Small group activities will give you the opportunity to carry out a field ;· Children will be given the opportunity to study an area of ​​the individual .Improving Creativity is ForegroundTeachers develop their creativity . Creativity , the basic feature of the programAs has been adopted. Because, the concept of creativity is a critical element in the success of the program .Teachers of childrento develop creativity can effectively use appropriate methods and techniques . For this purpose, programs and activities in the aesthetic and artistic media are included.Daily Life Experiences and Opportunities for Education Using No EnvironmentalAre encouragedProgram indicators and processes of daily life experiences while creatingBenefiting both enriches and simplifies the training process . Likewise neighborhoodsevaluation of opportunities , tools , and diversity in the provision of materials , as well aseconomic convenience. Close to both the environment and life experiences in the program 'sIt is recommended to use for educational purposes . At this point, teachers surroundings andgetting to know the child's life experiences watching.Universal and Social Values ​​are givenThe program for children to express their thoughts in a way that supports free .This aspect of the program , complied with the rules of social communication , and respect for diversityindividuals to live together in harmony is encouraging that the experience gained .The children of their community using social communication patterns , values, recognizing theadopt a global and societal values ​​as individuals with their responsibilityIt is important for the growth .Teachers Recognize FreedomThis program prepares itself uses our teachers training plans , implements andEvaluate .Our teachers involved in the program can bring together indicators in different formats .Activities may prepare an integrated or separate , different topics , events , media andcan enhance the learning process by making use of the materials .Our teachers create different activities and improving the effectiveness of these activities through the relevant poolmonth plan prepared using the indicators of the activities which took place on that day they decided toapply together as child-centered .Evaluation Process Versatile isNot result in pre-school education , the process is important, in the process, a lot of programsstands out as a versatile approach to evaluation .Kids 0-36 month evaluation process of the training program :· Evaluation of the child's development ,· Evaluation of the program ,· The teacher 's self-assessment is discussed in three different sizes .To assess the child's development , teachers' children constantlyto observe , to keep daily notes and save them for later development of the observation formis required. Our teachers record for each child , taking into account the observation that in certain periodsPrepare progress reports and these reports are regularly shared with the family .Teachers, when assessing the development of children to compare them with each otherInstead , every child in the next and previous skills and behavior by looking at their ownassessment is required. Expected from each child at this point in their development andto be consistent with individual characteristics , ie care to be realistic expectationsmust be shown.The program prepares teachers to be evaluated and applied plansis required to address all dimensions . In addition, the planning and implementation of the educational processconsistency between the emerging new requirements and determine what is happening dailyLocated in the stream assessment training days are expected to save the book .During the evaluation of these three evaluation process is intertwined , from oneThe findings can also be used in the evaluation of others should be noted .The evaluation of teachers in the next practice and to take into account allassessment to be objective in the implementation of the program in a way that allows qualified .Individual differences are taken into accountIn the program, children's living environment , culture, family structure, protection dependency statusconsidering individual differences , such as regulations that could createwere made . Social and cultural differences are taken into account as an asset .Parent Education and Involvement MattersChildren 's education is a responsibility shared between school and family . ParentsThe sooner they participate in the education of children of children she gains rate will increase.Educational attainment of parents , family 's socio-cultural values ​​to be reflected in the programIn addition to facilitating , supporting continuity between home and school achievement of knowledge, skillsand attitudes that reinforce and provide permanence . Therefore to be used with the programorder " Family Support Program" was also prepared .adaptablePrograms designed for children 0-36 months , the needs of children with special needsTaking into account all children about learning aims to provide equal opportunities . Program specificneeds of children with features , requirements, and they can be made in the learning processadaptation are given .

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