WANT TO LEARN are1) What Happened to kindergarten age should you start ?Be ready for kindergarten age is not the same for each child . In general, the starting age for kindergarten is considered to be between the ages of 2-4 . Previously due to working mothers who are accustomed to being separated from his mother , who needs to express in speaking or otherwise , can follow simple commands , such as walking and running skills that are developed can kids start kindergarten .2) Why Early Childhood Education ?0-6 years period , the fastest and most critical years of a child's development covers . 60% of Brain development is completed, between the ages of 0-6 , 80% of our personality structure makes us who we are shaped in this period .Kindergarten child's life is the first true social experience . Kindergarten children 's center is and all the attention is on an environment away from attention , love shared , in an order as a group to act , to wait , to be patient learning needs, he can meet the supported media. Children , in this period of separation from parents addicted and detects that a different individual . Children also take their own decisions and learn to live with the responsibility of the decisions taken . Going to kindergarten , first learn to be a regular , every day getting up at the same time , goes to school in the same order . This scheme also provides home life .Children to go to bed at a certain hour , learn to make breakfast regularly . Become a regular and continuous friendship . Looking for friends , they begin to search by . Friends and share them with friends they begin to gain importance . Establish and maintain relationships with other people learn . In kindergarten children 's problem-solving skills are also developed . For example, the toy should share the frustration does not live near a convenient method . Recognized , development of social concepts such as accepting and begin to gain importance .Kindergarten One of the significant opportunities that it provides to children , children living , trying is to provide learning opportunities . The child learns all kinds of information interact in the group . All this knowledge and experience acquired before the age of 6 the real importance of the child's mental and emotional development to occur this year is a very important year . During this period, the information obtained is very easy to learn , develop the habit of learning and being persistent in terms of importance.Another importance of preschool education institutions in the development of children is to be followed by the institution . Because parents will be able to carefully monitor their children's development area may not have the skills and knowledge . Each child can have problems in some areas of development and likely to experience some problems in future years can give clues about . Appropriate interventions to notice these symptoms and the best way to decide what the child's kindergarten in a structured environment such as is to be followed on a regular basis .Compared with those who go to pre-school education of children in elementary school are much more adaptable and successful , start earlier than other children to read and write has been proven by the research .In our country , before the kindergartens only working mothers of children who need to go as institutions considering , but today these grounds continued , although earlier the importance of education to be noticed , along with working mothers , regardless of pre-school education institutions has increased the demand . Although this situation is gratifying our desire ; still in pre-school enrollment rate which was around 20 % to 100% of emergence.3) What should be aware of when choosing Kindergarten ?When choosing kindergarten , parents themselves during the interview than those described by the five senses are the benefits of choice . Children in the bay during the hours they go into the slot would be more useful . Because facial expressions of children in the nest , sounds, smiles will help in making your choice . In addition to it ;Who owns the school or board of directors is comprised of , the educational status of these individuals , educational backgrounds , and must be obtained before information about their work . School license from a particular institution that should be asked whether permission . Teachers have sufficient knowledge and experience in child development have graduated and regular in-service training of teachers should be taking . Institution to parents to give advice and guidance when needed, a child development and education experts should be .Authority's lack of a systematic training program is required. Topics enough for the processing of travel, observation, and experiment should be given to views , allowing the development of intelligence and the ability to branch courses being implemented by teachers who are experts in their field is required. Monthly plans , food lists and progress reports must be sent to the parents . Physical conditions of the building must be suitable . Slots should be in a detached building . In the presence of indoor and outdoor play areas is required. The building should have good lighting and heating systems . The institution of measures to be taken against any kind of danger is required. Sufficient amounts of educational toys and means must be found .Materials can grow the height of children in the closet and under your hands should be . Thus, children and adults should be able to play without depending on the free movement of materials they should be able to easily insert into place . Grades in terms of the development of the married couple , art, blocks , music, science and nature as well as various corners should be . In every corner of that corner must be special materials and employment opportunities . Toilets and wash basins sizes available, should be adequate and clean . Kitchen clean, tidy , tools should be adequate and appropriate to the health rules . Children according to their age and development groups should be created and groups should not exceed 15-16 people .In a nutshell, before selecting an institution for your child ;Does the institution's operating license ? Please see .Degree in child development of the child's teacher is there ? Please see .Founderseducational background ? Or do the job they are doing for trading purposes only . Founder of the educator is to be an indispensable necessity .Institutions over a period of ten years past has proven himself Is working with ?Observe the happiness of staff and skills slot . No non- human child can not teach love in his heart .Cleanliness , hygiene and careful ventilation . Central heating in the building warm in winter there are health benefits .Nutrition education is important . Received in the slot taste and balanced eating habits that will last a lifetime bought from the food list , should incelettiril nutritionist , food was being cooked , food storage environment should be seen to do . Food list regularly implemented, not implemented should be checked.Promotional brochure written in English, dance, ballet, chess , etc. training status and experience of teachers who teach problem this course please see the program ...4) What should I do when my child started kindergarten ?To start kindergarten and family , is an important step for both children . In this period they lived , their responses and reactions in the face of this child know what to do in terms of the process will ensure comfortable circumvented .Usually when they start kindergarten children ;Why I'm leaving my mom and dad ? ,Who are all these kids ? ,Teachers can protect mehere ? ,My mom went well, or does not come back , what will happen ? ,I do not know the way home ,What do I do here ? ,If I cry maybe my mom to stay with me ? , Such as feelings and thoughts will be taken .In their first days of kindergarten children in which they are certain behaviors ;Crying or verbal protest against the separation of his parents, not wanting to go down to lap ,To go to school , to allow them hugs ,Cry from behind ,Noon at the school to go to sleep ,To refuse to eat ,Show superior resistance to change ,At school ; quietly sit in a corner from joining the group ,When will constantly ask his parents and to want to leave the door .Child 's the easiest way , this adaptation process should pay attention to the family to spend some behaviors are . Before starting kindergarten , children can then play the game , you will make new friends and gain new knowledge will be told to go to a school and a day just to visit with the child should go . Visiting hours time the children a fun activity that can be helpful. The first day, in the slot should return before too thick . In particular, 3 -year-olds whether they also should not remain in the nest for more than 1-2 hours the first day is suitable. The second day, the child's slot more than half a day is appropriate .Tell your child that started a new era of listening patiently . The excitement of the early days and exaggerated worry and you can reflect with stories that are not true . Teachers will establish regular communication with , will enable you to learn the truth . However, One more question to ask , slots and more praise, more care with what you eat , I often go in the slot next to the boy , the child may disturb the harmony . Children's information , the "O" from the authority should take your side when no slot . Children listen to , how much I appreciate him for that and start school, you can specify how proud of him .In the morning, keep it brief parting scene . Her feel that you love and trust the . Cry in front of her own excitement when the concerns a lot. Against your child compassionate , caring, but be calm and stable . The first days of school while allowing the side to take a favorite toy can make you feel comfort and confidence . Your child is separated from the easiest slot allows her to leave . Without the opportunity to call your child's first few days you received your child early .Even when everything is going well appear , then one day your child may indicate that slot no longer want to go . Of panic and distress should try to understand what happened , slot management and should seek advice from your child's teacher . First started kindergarten in the months to give your child occasionally these reactions are natural. For the first time slot beginning of a child's mother did not want to leave , crying is a normal response . The child in an unfamiliar environment , unfamiliar people can not get used at a time . Therefore, children should be regarded as normal for this response , should not panic . When you specify that you do not want to go to kindergarten with an attitude of calm , certainly children should be instructed to go mad from the slot .In some children this resistance nest beginners excessive crying, vomiting may cause the end result . This level of response is excessive child is an indication that another experienced serious problems and provided that a professional help , but this problem can be overcome . In this case, experts in the housing and with the collaboration of experts in the clinical setting , this problem can be solved . Families should be educated about it and supporting families of children with psychological maturation is necessary to ensure cooperation . Sometimes mom and dad take care of the children from school and the decision to slot being postponed to a later time are finding . Such a postponement is not the solution and that is usually when they start primary school children exhibit similar symptoms . The sooner the problem is resolved , the sooner the negative effects of this situation the child will survive .NOTE: This issue www.kumhavuzu.azbuz.co who wish to have more information I can get help from the site .5) used in Coping with Behavior Problems Deterrent ReactionsDr. Benjamin BİRKANDo not IgnoreResponsible behavior does not harm the child himself and the environment only if done in order to draw attention to ignore this behavior, the most effective in reducing the response is used as a deterrent . This response behavior of children identified as problematic behaviors occur, without establishing any relationship of adult children to remain inactive in the face of that behavior can be defined as . In such a case , establish eye contact with the child , even if that behavior has the best interests of the child should be noted that for the reaction . The child's problematic behavior, ignore him, as a result of this behavior , you can not receive the attention or awards is a way of expressing .However, for parents to ignore occasional application can be a difficult technique . Ignoring the problematic behavior , to establish eye contact with the child , to yell at him , ignored the child's behavior show that his form should be applied. However, in order to attract attention if your child is screaming and throwing himself on the ground , this behavior is quite difficult to ignore . In such cases, to be carried away from that environment and go to another room in the house to deal with something else must be . Thus, it was excluded from the problem behavior will be . In some cases, children, adults can interrupt her conversation to attract the attention or trying to get on your lap can . Against this kind of behavior , although it is difficult to remove the child continued to talk and adults should download her lap . The message to the child 's behavior with adults , which draw attention to problematic behavior and now need to change the child's behavior is that .Adults in the child's problematic behavior in which this new response ( ignore ) , may initially cause it to increase its problematic behavior . Because of this reaction , the child , to ensure fully developed adults show interest in her behavior. However, the consistency of adults continue as long as the child's problematic behavior would be reduced , or even completely disappear over time is expected . For example : Ahmet way to school every morning, his brother behind him crying and screaming, and threw himself on the ground . Taking this situation into the arms of her mother Ahmet singing and trying to calm him down . Ahmet , her mother's lap , waving to him from the very likes to sing every morning was repeating this behavior . Mom, Mike's provides this behavior to stop for the moment , but also prepare the ground each morning was going to be repeated . Mother repeated in the same way every morning crying and shouting and singing behaviors decrease with arms up , realizing that I decided to ignore the application . Application startup , Alan 's cry and yell behavior instead of taking her up against the mother , continued his work and has no linkages with Ahmet . Ahmet , this response was very surprised at first and my mother crying and yelling to attract the attention of the severity and the duration was further enhanced . Mom, every time the same consistency and patience that Mike's behavior was ignored . Ahmet in time , to draw the attention of problematic behavior like this mother seeing reduced.Award WithdrawalAward in behavior modification methods , to facilitate the demonstration of appropriate behavior and problem behavior is used to convert the appropriate behavior . The child , not her thumb constantly , loves to play with a toy that can be prevented by ensuring that behavior . Children , award- know when it meets appropriate behavior , the behavior will transform into problematic behavior .Award withdrawal technique , his child's problematic behavior during any activity against adult child likes to have something that is to withdraw and remain unresponsive for a while . In this case, the child will be deprived of anything for a while, but likes the problematic behavior is improved, continue to enjoy the things that will learn . For example : Saner , my mother when painting with paint instead of paper were constantly desk . This behavior is against the mother of paint for a short time , then Sanem giving back to the paper should be recalled that painting . Saner a long time , ignoring his mother's desk this response continued to paint , but also due to the effectiveness of blocking his own mother cried and cried. However Sanem in front of his mother in a consistent manner and take paint and wallpaper murals painting should remind you that every time I paint with a Saner just learned could be used to paint murals . After a while I Saner , rather than purely paper painting table , starting with his Liking this activity has continued .alternative PresentationIf your child while attempting an improper behavior , if appropriate behavior in front of you with a proposal , the other may waive . For example, a child shield wash cloth doll , plastic doll wash recommended.A definite " No"!Stable way you say "No" if your child is doing and break into mischief , immediately try to provide something else to take care of . "No" to avoid repeating ; leads to insensitivity to hear that too .Verbal Warning!Give your child a chance to fix the mistake . " What you just said your father ?" , Or " What's our rule about the knife ?" Like ....... Such a warning , at least , can give you the opportunity to re-evaluate the child is doing .Keep up your spirits !Every time arguing about the rules , shouting , changing your mind , give up half way and tat - tat from ( if you hit me , I 'll shoot you ! ) Avoid . Since these problems are the things that may play a role in enhancing .Fully fulfill what we wrote above, but a super human being can accomplish a task. It will be a super person on earth , according to some principles from time to time you may find it difficult in practice . Very experienced moms, or even teachers , even to deal with behavior problems are not an easy task . From time to time things may not go as planned at all . You need to do , trying to be as calm as possible , is that you break your commitment . On days when you deal with your child's behavior problems , your family and your friends may need a little more support . Or additional time to rest and relax yourself , you might spend . Take the time to ask for help or do not hesitate to . Remember, your child for them , it will do to better care . Show your child for every advance , albeit a little progress , do not forget to reward yourself . To cope with your child's behavior problems , he will benefit a lot from you . Him more to make friends , gain more skills and positive behaviors will have the opportunity to take more pleasure from .6) Potty TrainingToilet Training Are we ready?As in all areas of child development , toilet training for every child in the age of onset is not valid . But often children , parents can reach maturity without noticing it . An important part of the baby , circa 18-24 months to reach maturity necessary , but some children may have to wait up to 4 years .Where your child is in the process of reaching sufficient maturity that can be useful in determining the list below ;• Kaka regular , soft and shaped• Remove your panties can be downloaded self .• The household has a toilet / bathroom is trying to mimic the movements .• come Kaka that is certain to move or say a team is physical .• uses words that mean poop and pee .• understand the orders are simple ( Example: take away the toy , etc.).• tell you to go to the toilet and understand the physical stimulus is to tell you in advance .• Kakala is not like having the cloth , does not want .• 3-4 hours is dry periods , bladder muscles have matured enough to hold urine .• Do not place items began to acquire the habit .• Independence is certain request .• Walk can and can sit .Stages of Potty Training As most parents know , potty training is one of the important stages of child development . Below are given the stage of toilet training .Your a.çocug toilet training ready?Often parents at the age of two and a half children , the children will think that you are ready for this job . However , sometimes this may not be the truth . Observe the behavior of your child in the toilet and bathroom , imitating others does ? Do not let him prematurely , your child is ready to work without this force !B. Get it right and proper material !Height appropriate for your child's potty or on the toilet seat be applied . The most important feature of the child is sitting at your feet touch the ground . In this case began bowel movements , will be able to receive support from the ground . An illustrated book on this subject can be very useful .C. Create a routine !Your child dressed as once a day sat on the potty . This , after breakfast , before a bath or bowel movements can be started at any time . Our goal here , child , get used to the potty , as part of her daily routine is starting to see . If you want to sit , leave. Do not try to force her potty fitting . Especially if afraid , do not force beware ! In this case, set aside the potty for a few weeks , then try again . If a seat is good, but should not try to tell him why he 's sitting there ! Remember, you can only just getting her potty and if it 's the best place to go in there , game room may be the most convenient place !D. Remove your child's diaper !I sat by removing the cloth potty . At this stage, a number of explanations may be useful to parents , if you have other brothers and tell her that everyone 's doing this job . When entering the bathroom undressed adults try to tell him that it is a behavior . Do not force your child in the event of any negativity . You are ready to sit on the toilet and self- interested , wait until !E. Explain to your child the process !When your child poops in cloth , sat on her potty , diaper into the potty in front of his eyes empty . This understanding of the relationship between his residence and will help to produce poop . Potty flush the toilet after you pour the grind - it - poo scared to do if you see where this is going . Dressing and wash their hands after Kaka 's teachings .F. Encourage your child to act independently !When stuck on using the potty give him courage . When she wants to be sure about how to find the help you provide . Occasional panty removing cloth to allow it to circulate . Meanwhile, get potty in mind , when he said he could sit down if you want and remember it often .G. Pants from the diaper go!Education When it comes to this stage , made ​​of a thick fabric or disposable pants Dress . Cloth ones are usually noticed because of the child's pee more useful . Use disposable ones going out . A few hours before the start . Continue to the diaper at night . Time to go to the big boy pants slowly coming.H. The return of the tolerance approach ?Each child will miss out on the bottom occasionally in the process of toilet training . He 's mad , punishment . Learn to use their muscles and may take some time , this is normal . Event of an accident when cleaning the bottom , next time remind him to use the potty .I. Night training start!Daytime problem completely solved, even if the night control months, sometimes years later accepted . Just do not try to dispose of the diaper . If you connect your cloth appealing , a nylon cover under the sheets , mattress pad will facilitate cleaning your paving . At this age your child to the toilet has not yet reached the maturity required to stay awakening . At this stage, reduce fluid intake in the evening , you will increase the number of dry nights . Income and if he wakes up at night to pee , you can call him remember . Do not put the bed right next to the potty can also be helpful .J. That's it! ! !Believe me, all these things will happen when your child is ready . Do not wait until you are ready , both her ​​and your job easier.

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